Medimodels, founded in 2016, designs, manufactures and supplies medical simulation task trainers for universities, hospitals and other training organisations.  Founder Ben Croudace, who originally trained and worked as an architect, moved into model making and with a strong interest in medicine, saw the power of a physical model as a tool in learning and communication.  He started working with the University of Western Australia and developed prototype simulators for clinical training at CTEC.  His architectural background, and model making experience allowed him to quickly see opportunities to create new products not currently available for clinical training. 

Partnering with medical specialists, medimodels is keenly focused on creating useful clinical simulators with a high level of functional and visual fidelity.

All new products are borne out of a need to create a better or more focused simulated version of a body part for a specific training application.  

Firm believers in the idea that confidence in the look and feel of simulated body parts translates directly through to confidence in the student, medimodels is committed to becoming an innovation leader in this field, and has patent protection pending on a number of their new products.