“practising on innate objects tends to work well to
get students competent, a scalpel can be
intimidating...” (Participant 2)

Welcome to MediModels

We offer high fidelity simulators in General surgery,  Podiatry,  Laparoscopic surgery, Gynaecology,  Hand surgery, Bariatric surgery, Airway management and more.   

Our products are designed and manufactured in-house and in association with experienced clinical specialists who are passionate about fostering student confidence and skills.  All manufacturing happens in our dedicated production facility using state of the art technology and equipment and under strict quality control. 

MediSkin Technology

Using our proprietary gel mix in conjunction with cutting edge 3D printing technology, We have succeeded in creating a lifelike skin that envelopes our models. Not only is our skin indiscernible from real skin visually, it also possesses a high amount of accuracy to the touch, including elasticity.

Realistic corns and calluses

In order to create the most accurate debridement training experience, We had to create the most realistic subject. 

Using a complex polymer/silicon matrix we are able to provide an almost indistinguishable clinical subject for students and medical professionals alike. 

At MediModels we strive for accuracy - That's why our subject behaves like the real thing. The callous and surrounding skin deforms and stretch's in conjunction with one another, just as a real foot would.

Real bones

By working in conjunction with nearby universities we were able to create an internal bone structure that is a 1:1 model of a human foot.

Not only does this provide the model with structural integrity, it also allows it to deform correctly when force is applied. The inclusion of this unseen structure is vital to creating a realistic experience for a learning individual, and is the only one of its kind in production today.

Interchangeable soles

We use disposable soles to aid ease of learning and negate harm to an individual. 

Using six powerful neodymium magnets, these soles reduce the pressure on the student by making it easy and inexpensive to restart a procedure without harming a patient or damaging expensive equipment.

Ingrown toenail medical simulator

Life-like simulation of an ingrown toenail for clinical podiatric training

Suitable for teaching the following procedures:

Wedge resection

Zadek operation

Partial Nail Avulsion

Ring Block injection

Phenol Ablation


Subungual hematoma medical simulator

Our subungual hematoma model is the most accurate on the market. 

With lifelike blood and accurate toenail density - Practicing surgeries is like practicing on the real thing. 

Interchangeable surgery subjects

Our toe mounting stand makes it easy and quick to replace the subject and restart a practice surgery - We all make mistakes

“rubberised feet are really helping because when they
used to sit there and do nothing for half the class - 
they’d get bored, get disruptive. but here with this you
can really intensify a 3 hour session or how many
hours session you have...” (Participant 1)