Corn and Callus debridement trainer

A realistic foot on a simplified leg for skills training and confidence in corn and callus debridement.   The weight and feel of the foot is similar to that of a real foot.  The embedded bone structure adds to this feel and the foot can be manipulated as in torsion testing.  Callus debridement training can be done multiple times and when all calluses are used up, the sole can be easily replaced with a fresh set of calluses and corns.


    • re-useable leg and foot debridement training model
    • stretchable skin and toes with bones
    • versatile base board, with chair strap option
    • realistic feel foot with bones embedded
    • realistic callus material - specially formulated wax-based conglomerate
    • folding and rotating leg with simplified knee and hip joint
    • 1 consumable sole pad includes 3 corns and 4 calluses - replacements available here