Nerve block trainer

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The Nerve block trainer provides a tangible aspect to training nerve block injections, providing hands-on confidence training with real-time feedback.  When inserting the needle into the correct location, a light on the wrist lights up in green.  The model gives a high fidelity realistic user experience to build confidence and muscle memory for this procedure.  Reusable for thousands of injections for ongoing training clinics.

Includes battery-powered hand with internal sensors and sensor needle with no connecting wire, utilising bio-electric current from the human body to activate sensors. 

Suitable procedures:
Median nerve block 
Ulnar nerve block 
Radial nerve block / De Quervain's tenosynovitis
Digital nerve blocks 

Included in the box:
1 x Nerve block trainer
1 x BioNeedle


Product dimensions:


Silicone, ABS, acrylic, resin.


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All Medimodels simulators have been through an extensive testing and refining process. In association with surgeons with long-term experience, we hone in on the most important procedural features.

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