Ingrown toenail surgical simulator - training clinic 'starter kit'

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The ingrown toenail model is a life-like simulation of an ingrown toenail for clinical podiatric training, GP, PA, nurse practitioner and allied health professionals.

The ingrown toenail model training starter kit is designed to allow you to experience training multiple times to get a feel for using this product before committing to purchasing for a whole classroom.   You can perform a total of 22 nail procedures and 12 wedge resections with this kit.  You can perform hundreds of block procedures before the ring block component requires replacement.

Suitable procedures:
Wedge resection
Zadek operation
Partial Nail Avulsion
Ring Block injection
Phenol Ablation

Included in the box:
Ingrown toenail model on stand with ring block function
5 replacement toes with nails
10 replacement nails
Silicone glue for replacing nails and toes


Product dimensions:


Acrylic, foam, silicon.


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